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     Trick or treat? Something wicked this way comes… your top of the line Halloween Party! Cody Party Airdrie goes all out for the Halloween Season. We can help you find the best and most unique costume, scariest decorations, endless Halloween party ideas, party rentals (Put some fake fingers in our punch large bowl) and more! 


     To help make your HALLOWEEN PARTY extra special and carefree, we also rent tables and chairs, chaffing dishes to keep prepared food warm, dish and glassware (and we do the dishes), table linen and a chocolate fountain, popcorn machine, cotton candy machine, AMAZING Balloons, party favors, and anything else you need to help make the most of an amazing Season!


     You can either stop by our Cody Party Airdrie store or click the Online Cody Party Store tab to sit back and shop online. You can either pickup your Party Supplies at our Airdrie Store or have your Party Supplies shipped right to your door by ordering online.  


Wrap the Mummy


What You Need:

     Lots of toilet paper. Lots and lots and lots of toilet paper! You'll need about three rolls per group. 


What To Do:

      Here's the classic bridal shower "Toilet Paper Bride" game changed around for Halloween and kids. Divide the kids into smaller groups, four kids per group is usually good: one for the mummy, three to wrap. The object is for each group to wrap their mummy faster than the other groups but doing a good job. You can have a winner for the best mummy or a race for the fastest mummy wrapped, or no winner at all.

     To organize it a bit, try letting each group draw jobs, one child might pick the mummy slip of paper, one gets wrapper, etc. You can also break this down further to give each child a job like wrapping arms and legs, one wraps the torso, etc. Keep the eyes, mouth and nose uncovered, don't throw the toilet paper around the room. This game works better with older, more behaved kids.


A Scary Scene


What You Need:

     Old clothes, plastic skeletons, mannequins, body parts, Halloween make-up, fake blood, fake knives, fake hatchets, anything that you can think of to throw into the boxes that will be handy for this game. We can supply all of this at our Kanata Cody Party location.


What To Do:

     Use either two plastic skeletons or two mannequins. Take them apart in but keep them in separate piles. Pick an area in your yard for building the scenes. Have a box of props such as fake knives, hatchets, costumes and wigs, and a makeup selection like fake blood, spider webs, tomb stones (or cardboard to make them), white, black and green grease paint. Put different things in each box so each team has something different to work with. Divide your guests into two teams. Set a time limit, let the teams go and start timing. The goal is to see who can put together the scariest scene using what they have.




Popular Halloween Party Supplies Include;

  • Themed Halloween party supplies
  • Amazing Balloons to dress up your party and “WOW” your guests. 
  • Décor (Spider Webs, Tombstones, signs, goblets, critters and more)
  • Props (Clowns, Zombies, Vampires, Scary talking children and more)
  • Costumes (Babies, Kids, Teens and Adults)
  • Smoke Machine
  • Black Lights and Strobe Lights
  • Need that special something that you can't find? You can go through o catalogues and place a special order

Popular Halloween Party Rentals Include;

  • Linen and chair covers
  • Tables and chairs 
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Snow Cone Machine 
  • Cotton Candy Machine 
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