Oscar Party

"Take one! ... and ... ACTION!"

And… ACTION! Want to get all dressed and do what the movie stars do? Is there a future filmmaker or actor in your family? An Oscar themed party, courtesy of Cody Party Airdrie, is the best way to bring out the dramatics; with many different game ideas for all ages, decorations, balloons, and even fancy rentals (like a red carpet or popcorn machine) if you want to take it to the next level. 


To help make your Oscars Party extra special and carefree, we also rent tables and chairs, chaffing dishes to keep prepared food warm, dish and glassware (and we do the dishes), table linen and even a red carpet, chocolate fountain, stage, cotton candy and popcorn machines to help make the most of an amazing day!


You can either stop by our Cody Party Airdrie store or click the Online Cody Party Store tab to sit back and shop online. You can either pickup your Party Supplies at our Airdrie Store or have your Party Supplies shipped right to your door by ordering online. 



Popular Oscar Style Games



Movie Trivia


      Items you need:

  • Three large paperboards
  • Sticky Notes
  • Permanent markers
  • Strong tap to hold up the boards
  • Cue Cards 

     Create six different Cinema related categories (Like; “Movie Quotes and Scenes”, “Name this Actor”, “Movie Titles”, “Movie Making Lingo”… etc) and create a multitude of questions and answers for each category… all counting for a different point depending on the difficulty level.  Split the party into teams. They get to pick the category and have one – two minutes (depending on the difficulty level) to answer the question correctly before moving on to the next team. The team with the most points wins!

To make it more fun, have the teams pick a team name and keep score of their progress on a large paperboard they get to decorate prior to the game.  




     Split your guests into teams. Write down all the well-known actors or movies and put them into a hat. A guest must choose from the hat and proceed to act out what best represents their findings on the paper. They must find a way to get their team to guess who or what movie they are before the time runs out.


Popcorn Bulls Eye


     Everyone needs to partner up. They must take turns throwing popcorn into each other’s mouths. Whoever makes it the farthest distance (or six in a row) first wins!


 Mystery Party Guest


     There is a party host (or two) needed for this game, the rest of the guests are given a character (Jack Sparrow, a burglar, Mad Scientist, High School Dropout… etc) in which they need to portray. Ever two minutes a mysterious “guest” is introduced to the scene. They give the host a clue as to who they are. The host needs to label their “guest” before their party fills up and chaos erupts.   


Popcorn Taste Contest


     Buy a variety of popcorn seasoning and put samples out for the guests. Without looking the have to guess the seasoning for the popcorn they are tasting. One one who can guess the most correct seasonings wins!   



Popular Oscar Party Supplies Include;


  • Themed Oscar Supplies
  • Amazing Balloons to dress up your party and “WOW” your guests. 
  • Décor
  • Oscar Themed Party Favors
  • Need that special something that you can't find? You can go through o catalogues and place a special order


Popular Oscar Party Rentals Include;


  • Linen and chair covers
  • Tables and chairs  
  • Bubble Machine
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Cotton Candy Machine    
  • Red Carpet
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